Short Film Selected for NFF'23 by Fer van der Hoff
On the last day of summer, six-year-old Kay is having fun with his brother on their parents' cargo ship. When Kay is called inside to get changed, the mood within the family shifts. Without fully understanding what it means, Kay must say goodbye to his beloved life onboard. On the road towards boarding school, Kay tries to cope with the situation. In his own way, he tries to bridge the growing distance between him, his brother, and their parents. Upon arrival, Kay realizes that his life will never be the same, and saying goodbye means he must find a way to cope without his parents.
Ramesh Sital - producer
Fer van der Hoff - co-producer
Martine van der Kolk - creative producer
Music by Daan Hofman
Cinematography by David van der Meijde
Production Design by Kino Haverkorn
Art Direction by  Kino Haverkorn
Costume Design by Lara Boon
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