Lara Boon is a visual storyteller that mainly focusses on filmmaking and ‘all around styling’. She is driven by personal and intimate stories and through working with different media, colors, fabrics and materials she touches upon theme’s like ancestral trauma, familial relationships, and the feeling of belonging. Since her childhood she has been making, starting with painting, collaging, drawing and recently the art of script writing and (creative) directing. Her goal is to built bridges between different generations and groups in society, covering universal and sometimes controversial topics. She takes inspiration from her own childhood, family and (be)longings. 
Ever since her directors and writers debut with ‘Anna Coleta (2023) she explores the fine line between fiction and non-fiction, combining her own memories of her grandmother and her own film footage (that she shot on 9mm) with an actress portraying her. It opened her eyes to the medium of film and how she, as a filmmaker, wants to use it. That is how the concept of her graduation film Vergane Glorie came to life; a the true story mixed character research in combination with her own story. 
2020 - 2024  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Audiovisual Design, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL

2024 MUA 'Mijn Broer' directed by Koert Davidse
2024 Head Styling Department for short film 'Unwatered Flowers' directed by Elfie v/d Mosselaer
2023 Assistent/Internship at Gulsah Dogan /CANFilm
2022 - head styling department for short film 'Koers' directed by Fer van der Hoff
2022 head styling department for NPO series 'Bittersweet' directed by Lara Sluyter
2021-22 exhibition at Stadsarchief Rotterdam
2021 IFFR trailer contest ​​​​
2020 Collaboration with artist Janine Schrijver 

Motion Design - Jerrie Estie, Rotterdam 2022
Object Portrait of Things (photography course) - Sebastiaan Helbers 2021
Directing Actors - Roshan Nejal 2022
Black Magic Course - Adele Gregoire 2022
Preparatory Course at Willem de Kooning Academy- 2019-2020
Enigma Variations (animation) - 2020
Become a Better Writer - 2021

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