Lara Boon is a mudticidciplinairy artist that likes to explore the realms of her imagination. She mainly focuses on videography and photography but is also working as a stylist. She is driven by (personal) stories and the emotions that are brought on by them. With colors, patterns and words she broadcasts them to the outside world. She likes to explore different filming techniques and styles. Shooting on analog film has also become a passion of hers lately, one that she wants to pursue. Working in her dummy and writing poetry is something that helps her in the process of making a project. Through her collages and words she finds her goal and drive. 
I am currently making my own short film surrounding family mystery, that will come out in december 2022. Another that is in the making is a series of 'editorial fashion photos'. All progress and behind the scenes can be seen on my instagram.
2020 - present  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Audiovisual Design, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL

2023 Assistent/Internship at Gulsah Dogan /CANFilm
2022 - head styling department for short film 'Koers'
2022 head styling department for NPO series 'Bittersweet'
2021-22 exhibition at Stadsarchief Rotterdam
2021 IFFR trailer contest ​​​​
2020 Collaboration with artist Janine Schrijver 

Motion Design - Jerrie Estie, Rotterdam 2022
Object Portrait of Things (photography course) - Sebastiaan Helbers 2021
Directing Actors - Roshan Nejal 2022
Black Magic Course - Adele Gregoire 2022
Preparatory Course at Willem de Kooning Academy- 2019-2020
Enigma Variations (animation) - 2020
Become a Better Writer - 2021

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