Short film in production. It will launch on the A for All Festival on December 7th. Also shown At Roffa Film Club 2023.
"Anna Coleta" is a deeply personal project born from a lifelong curiosity about my grandmother, whom I've never had the chance to truly know. Her passing when I was just ten years old leaves behind a void, and the remnants of her life are swiftly packed away, leaving unanswered questions about my heritage and my fathers adoption lingering in my mind.
Driven by a desire to understand her, I embarked on a creative journey to piece together her story through the lens of my own perspective. "Anna Coleta" is a fictional film that delves into my grandmother's life, imagined through her eyes and narrated through a combination of old footage she captured and new scenes portrayed by an actress.
In this film, my grandmother reflects on her life as if it were a fleeting moment, exploring themes of reality, memory, and the passage of time. Through a blend of found materials and imagined scenarios, I aim to blur the lines between truth and fiction, inviting viewers to join me on a journey of discovery and emotional resonance.
To breathe life into "Anna Coleta," I unearthed old diaries, voicemails, and conversations about my father, piecing together fragments of her existence while also honoring the memories I hold dear. Ultimately, this project is not just about uncovering her past, but about capturing the essence of how I perceived her and forging a deeper connection across generations.​​​​​​​

Directed and written by Lara Boon. With the help of Alexander Dragomirov as dop. Anna Messchekova for sound design. Sophie Dixon as PA. Anas Qadamani for sound mixing. And Kikki Mettler as Anna Coleta.
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